Is the baby sleeping on the stomach safe?


The sleeping positions of the infant are numerous. Is the position of the child sleeping on the stomach? When a mother gives birth to her child, she always makes sure to be a perfect mother in everything about her baby. One of these things is the way her baby sleeps, which is one of the important things that a mother should know. And most mothers put their baby on his back in order to avoid the risk of suffocation or what is known as sudden infant death syndrome, which may occur if the child turns on his stomach for long periods, so it is important to know the correct methods of sleep for the child and whether the child sleeps on the stomach safe or not.

When can a child sleep on his stomach?

It is very important for the baby to sleep on his back in the first year of his life. And if the child turns during the night on his stomach a little, there is no need to worry and you can leave him like this. Many health and pediatric experts indicate that sudden infant death syndrome begins to decrease significantly after the child is 6 months old. So if your child is older than 6 months and sleeps alone, there is no need to worry if he turns on his stomach during sleep, as the mother or father can help the child return to its normal position again.

What should you do if your baby turns on his stomach all night while he sleeps?

Doctors always advise parents to help their children sleep in any way. But parents should know that once the baby turns on his stomach, which usually happens between 4-6 months of age, they cannot return to their normal position (on their back) again. Therefore, it is better for parents to follow their children at this age, especially children who enjoy some agility and which enable them to change the position of their bodies easily.

This confirms the opinions of doctors who confirm that it is best to put your infant on his back until he is one year old, while also adhering to other safe sleep tips such as sleeping on a stable surface and keeping all things away from the baby’s bed such as pillows, blankets, bumpers, sheets and toys small.

Is it safe for the baby to sleep on the stomach?

No, of course you can’t do that before the baby is one year old. Your baby should always be placed on his back in bed until he is 12 months old. Even if he turns a little at night, that doesn’t mean you should let him sleep on his stomach in the first place. Sleeping on the back helps reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Which is considered one of the main causes of death during the first year of a child’s life, which often occurs during the first 4-6 months of life.

In addition, sleeping on the back is a healthy habit that you should encourage your child to do. Many studies and research confirm that children who sleep on their backs have a lower risk of fever, nasal congestion and ear infections. This is compared to children who sleep on the stomach. Also, children who sleep on the back do not spit during sleep while trying to breathe normally.

When is a child not at risk of sudden infant death syndrome when he sleeps on his stomach?

If your child is able to roll over, and this generally occurs at the age of 4-6 months, the high-risk period for this syndrome has generally passed, but this does not prevent you from continuing to put your child on his back when sleeping until he reaches one year of age.

Should you worry if your baby turns on his tummy while sleeping at night?

Many pediatric and health experts say that babies who can roll easily from their back to their stomach are at increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Try not to wake your baby and gently help him roll over again so that he is on his back again.

Your child may have already developed the strength and ability to help him move and change body position easily, and this makes him turn during sleep because he is tired from constantly sleeping on the back, and in this case you do not need to worry about your child, as he will change his body position again after a short time.

What do you do if your child prefers to sleep on his stomach?

There are some children who prefer sleeping on the tummy more than sleeping on the back. Perhaps because they feel more secure in the embrace of the mattress or pillow. Even if your child prefers to sleep on the tummy, it is important to start sleeping on the back early. And that is until he gets used to this position from the beginning and tries to change the sleeping position on the stomach.

If your child turns himself before the age of 6 months. You can overcome this by wrapping the baby in a large cotton cloth or a bag of sleeping bags, but you should stop doing this if your baby becomes so active that he kicks the blanket or blanket or starts trying to roll over on his own.

You can also use a pacifier for your child, which may help him provide some comfort to the child and that may help him get a better sleep.

When do you call the doctor?

You don’t have to worry about your baby sleeping on his tummy or rolling over while sleeping as long as you follow the baby’s safe sleep instructions at bedtime. But if you have any concerns about your child’s sleep patterns, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor right away.

This may cause anxiety for some parents, especially at the beginning of a child’s life. But there is no need to worry as you can help your child to get on his back again if he cannot do it on his own. And once the child has completed his first year, you can let him sleep in the position he loves without worrying.


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