Organizing a baby’s sleep 13 ways to comfort every mother


Many mothers suffer from irregular infant sleep, which makes them unable to get enough rest and sleep because the child wakes up several times at night, and mothers, especially new mothers, do not know how to deal with the infant and organize his sleep at night, as it is possible to organize the infant’s sleep at night at first From the third month of his life, and many mothers are searching for the best way to organize the baby’s type, and in this article we will show you some tips that help you organize the baby’s sleep and help you organize your sleep routine, which makes you more comfortable and also makes your baby benefit from the benefits of sleep .

Baby sleeping tips:

1Establish a bedtime routine:

You should establish a simple and sustainable routine for the baby’s bedtime, such as dimming the lights and preventing annoying sounds such as the sound of the phone or the television. quiet sleep

2Teach your child to self-soothe.

When your child wakes up in the middle of the night and cries for you, there is no objection to checking him, however you should not respond to his desire to wake up, and that this is still bedtime and not playing or eating, put your hand on his chest for a few moments to calm him and then leave the room, but you must make sure to put Your baby on his back to avoid sudden infant death syndrome.

3Start weaning your baby from night feedings:

Once you have your doctor’s approval to stop night feedings and wean your baby when your baby reaches a certain age, you should gradually reduce the number of feedings, in many cases, feeding becomes sleep-related because you feed your baby every time he wakes up, and thus when the baby is weaned At night, the child does not wake up during sleep for feeding, which helps to regulate his sleep at night.

4Follow a schedule:

Make sure your child gets the right amount of sleep during the day to prepare him to get the right amount of sleep at night without interruption, but newborns, babies can’t differentiate between day and night, they sleep around the clock, and as they get older they start sleeping for longer periods And the longest periods are during the night. If the child sleeps a lot during the day, he will not sleep all night, so try not to sleep for long periods during the day

5Maintain a calm atmosphere:

Keep calm around your baby to get him ready for bed. Keep the room at a comfortable temperature and make sure it stays dark. Try adding some light noises as the quietest sounds can disturb your baby at night. Light noises or as they are called white noises will provide a steady and soothing sound for them to fall asleep. Submerge any other noises that occur around the house.

6Stick to a proper bedtime:

If you are following a schedule, it is important that you maintain a regular bedtime for your little one to keep him on track and help your baby sleep at more convenient times, and you must remember the mother of newborns do not have a fixed bedtime because they sleep whenever they need to, but at the age of About 3 months You can start setting a healthy bedtime for your baby and making a set bedtime schedule.

7– You have to be patient :

If your baby has been sleeping through the night on his own before and suddenly stops, it could be a sleep regression or a growth spurt error. The growth spurts usually only last for a few days, after which your baby should be back to normal patterns and be able to sleep for hours at a time. One time, and your child’s fixed sleep schedule may change for a period that may range from one to four weeks. During this period, you must be patient and know that these disturbances will not last.

8Checking the specifications of the baby bed:

You must make sure that your child’s bed is suitable for him and his age, and that it is safe so that the child does not fall from above it. The bed must be placed in a well-ventilated and quiet place and that the mattress is suitable for him and does not cause him problems such as allergies or that it is not soft enough.

9Serve warm drinks:

There are some warm herbal drinks that help calm the baby’s nerves and help regulate the baby’s sleep, such as chamomile , anise and caraway . You can offer a warm cup of these drinks to your child before bedtime to help him rest and relax.

10Ensure that your child is not in pain.

If the child cries a lot at bedtime, make sure that he does not suffer from any pain such as colic or flatulence and flatulence.

11Ensure that your child is wearing appropriate clothing:

You must make sure to choose soft cotton clothes for your infant during sleep, and they should not be heavy, so he feels hot, and in cold weather, you must make sure that your child wears heavy clothes that provide him with warmth.

12Ensure that your child is not hungry:

You must make sure that your child gets an adequate meal before bed, so that he does not feel hungry during sleep and wakes up. sleep .

13Pay attention to television and other electronic media:

The use of electronic screens at night can cause problems and disturbances in sleep, because they emit artificial light that hinders sleep, and may also cause problems during the day, so it is necessary to limit your child’s viewing of electronic media and phones.

If you are a new mother and suffer from not getting enough sleep and rest due to the frequent awakening of your child during the night, you can follow these simple tips to help you organize the baby’s sleep in the best way, but you must be patient until you succeed in this, as this may need more time and effort.


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