Reasons why a baby cries suddenly while sleeping


Crying is one of the languages ​​of communication in children, especially since infants do not know any other language at that time. Parents need to explain and identify the reasons for the baby crying suddenly during sleep in order to respond to the wishes of the child at this time. The mother may experience the crying of the infant suddenly during sleep, but what is the explanation for this? This makes it difficult for the child to sleep and get enough sleep to achieve relaxation. And if the mother suffers from fatigue and exhaustion, she suddenly faces the child crying during sleep, and they begin to think why the children cry during their sleep suddenly and become concerned about this issue. We show you a group of reasons why a child suddenly cries while sleeping.

  • This crying can last for more than a week, two months, or even three months.
  • Crying can come and go.
  • The baby does not stop crying even when you try to comfort him.
  • The child is in unbearable pain.
  • Periods of crying can last for several hours throughout the day.
  •  Increased periods of crying throughout the night.

Reasons why a baby cries suddenly while sleeping:

1. Nightmares:

Babies may face the problem of night terrors and may confuse night terrors with nightmares. But night terrors are just very disturbing or frightening thoughts for children that may disturb the child during sleep but do not lead to waking the child. Night terrors usually occur between the first third of the night and as soon as the child wakes up he forgets what happened. As for nightmares, they usually occur in the second half of sleep and result in the child waking up with a feeling of screaming and panic. The child is usually able to remember dreams and may feel upset for several days after the nightmares.

2. Feeling hungry:

Whenever the child feels hungry, his body becomes restless and the mind is active instead of relaxing, and this leads to the child awakening suddenly during sleep and feeling upset that makes him cry. To avoid this, a certain eating pattern must be determined for the child so that he sleeps feeling full in order to feel comfortable during his sleep period.

3. Pain

It is often difficult for a baby to express their problems, but their pain stimuli prompt them to wake up suddenly during sleep. It may be caused by problems in the digestive system and irregular digestion and leads to flatulence and sometimes leads to common symptoms such as night terrors.

4. Feeling of fear:

Sometimes children are afraid of the darkness and constant silence in the room and are likely to wake up suddenly and cry at some hours of the night.

5. When you begin to separate the child from his parents:

When parents separate the child to sleep in a separate room, he initially feels fear and anxiety because he is no longer near his parents. Which leads to sleep disturbances.

6. Insomnia

Babies may also suffer from insomnia for a long time during the night, causing them to wake up and cry in the middle of the night and this leads to them being without sleep for a period of time.

7. Feeling cold:

When there is any slight change in temperature, the child begins to feel cold and cry suddenly during sleep. And he needs at this moment breastfeeding to feed the baby and feel to restore energy and warmth.

8. Dirty diapers:

With regular bowel movements, digestion or urination in diapers. In this case, the infant feels uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and suddenly cries while sleeping. He may need to change the diaper so as not to cause him rashes and irritation.

9. Needs cuddle

A child crying suddenly while sleeping, means that he needs to be hugged in an attempt to calm him. Once embraced calm down and feel comfortable. This is because cuddling enables you to hear the sound of the baby’s heartbeat, and when you stay with him for a long time, it reduces the crying of the baby.

10. Toothache:

The period of teething in children is one of the most difficult periods in which he feels disturbed and often leads to turmoil in the child’s mood and tightness in the chest. It may lead to suddenly crying during sleep suddenly, and if this crying is accompanied by fever, the doctor should be contacted immediately.

How to calm the child?

1. Calm the child: try to calm the child to get rid of fear and embrace him in order to feel reassured and protected in order to help resist the feeling of fear.

2. Listening to the child: If the child wakes up after crying and tries to talk without stopping about something he saw in the dream, do not ignore him. Try to listen to him and pay attention to him in order to give the child confidence to face the nightmares the next time.

3. Light: Resetting the lighting in the room helps reduce the sudden crying of the child at night. You can prepare dim lighting so that the child feels more secure. Often a lighted room has a better effect when he wakes up crying.

 4. Providing him with comfort: The most important thing in order to calm the child and one of these means is trying to read a story for him to provide him with more love and support and get rid of bad dreams. This method can go a long way in treating sudden crying at night.

5. Going back to sleep: Trying to encourage the child to go back to sleep again instead of staying awake in a troubled state of mind. Going back to sleep again helps him relax.

6. Consultation with the doctor: In the event that the child does not respond to any of the previous methods and calms him down and suddenly repeats crying during sleep, it is the best option to obtain professional help.

7. Maintaining the child’s health: Be aware that fever activates night terrors in children who are most vulnerable to the emergence of night terrors and often appear in children in the first 3 months and the child’s problems such as teething or lack of feeling in general begin.

8. Fix the baby’s routine : Make sure that the baby’s sleep routine is healthy and not changed. Because achieving adequate sleep is important for the child, but make sure that this routine does not cause any problems for the child and try to achieve calm for the child when sleeping.

9. Trying to keep the child calm: Trying to   achieve a sound home environment for the child that makes him avoid any feeling of fear before bed and to reduce the feeling of night terrors and crying suddenly during sleep.

10. Paying attention to feeding the child: the child  usually wakes up and cries suddenly during sleep and is often the result of a feeling of hunger. Therefore, attention should be paid to feeding the child before bedtime in order to feel comfortable.

11. Find ways to comfort the child:  You can help the child feel relaxed and go to sleep, such as placing the child in a swing to rock, meaning doing anything that makes the child feel comfortable, such as massage baths.

12. Wrap the baby in a blanket: One of the ways to help the baby feel reassured is to wrap the baby in a blanket and cuddle him for a while.

13. Take a warm bath: A warm bath helps the child calm down. You can adjust the water temperature to suit the child, and before putting it in the water, it should be 37 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees until it becomes lukewarm and suitable for the child’s body.

These are a group of reasons that lead to crying suddenly during sleep and how to treat them in order for the child to enjoy quiet hours of sleep away from various disorders.


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