The benefits of mustard oil for the health of children and infants


Mustard oil can offer many health benefits for infants and children, as it can be used to massage the child, and it can increase body heat during the winter and open the sweat pores on the skin, and can help reduce cold and cough, and it can also control asthma, It is good for massaging the scalp and stimulating hair growth, has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and can also act as an insect repellent.

Mustard oil benefits for children.

Most of us know mustard seeds, which are like spices used in different foods. Mustard seeds are used in the preparation of mustard paste, which is more popular in the Western world as an ingredient in sandwiches. The mustard plant can be grown in many regions of the world, including North Africa and the Middle East. It is now grown commercially in countries such as India, Nepal, Burma, Russia, China, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Denmark, Argentina, and Chile.

Types of mustard seeds:
There are basically three varieties of mustard seeds available, which include yellow, brown and black. Mostly yellow mustard seeds have a mild flavor, and are used as a mustard condiment in hot dogs and sandwiches. Of course, turmeric is also added to mustard to give this yellow color.

  • Brown and black mustards can have a strong flavor, and this variety is consumed in areas ranging from Africa to China and India, and in India the seeds are used as part of a seasoning on a daily basis, and brown mustard powder can be found in most pickles made in India, and in China, consumed Even the leaves of the plant.

Mustard seeds can be found not only in the kitchen, but there is a good amount of their presence in history and philosophy, and mustard was mentioned many times in ancient scriptures.

Health Benefits of Mustard Oil for Babies:

Use of mustard oil in topical application:

1. Massage:
Massage is a must for infants to strengthen bones and stimulate blood circulation. Various oils are preferred for baby massage. These include oils such as sunflower oil, olive oil and other oils, but in countries like India, mustard oil is traditionally considered the preferred choice over other oils for baby massage.

2. Warming the body:
In cold regions, mustard oil can be a great advantage. Massaging with mustard oil can act as a great insulator and help keep the body warm. During winters, mustard oil is preferred because it can stick to the skin and be absorbed. And absorb it slowly.

3. Reduces Cough and Cold:
Massaging with mustard oil can help reduce cough and cold during the winter. One or two garlic cloves can be placed in mustard oil and heated. Once the oil is lukewarm, you should massage your child with the oil with a strong smell. Mustard oil with garlic can reduce nasal congestion, which helps treat cold and cough.

4. Asthma control: The
strong flavor of mustard oil can help provide relief from an asthma attack, where you can add a little camphor oil to mustard oil and heat it a little, until it becomes lukewarm, and massage the chest with the oil for 5-7 minutes until it is absorbed properly. Good.

5. Scalp massage:
Massaging the scalp with mustard oil can help stimulate hair growth, as the presence of fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid stimulate blood circulation in the scalp area and increase hair growth.

6. Antibacterial properties:
Apart from being used in baby massage, mustard oil also has antibacterial properties. One study showed that mustard oil can kill E.coli and typhoid bacteria, both of which are known to cause different diseases, and mustard oil These problems can be controlled.

7. Anti-fungal properties:
Mustard oil is also effective against types of fungi that spoil bread, and in a study it was shown that mustard oil against fungal species and control them to a large extent, and the study shows that mustard oil is very useful in anti-fungal properties.

8. Insect repellent:
Mustard oil has a strong and pungent odor that can have an effect against insects, and this has been documented in a study that mustard oil is very effective in controlling mosquitoes, and the study also showed that natural ingredients such as mustard oil can be useful for repelling insects. Effectively because it is natural, it can reduce reliance on synthetic pesticides and also it is an economical method and reduces environmental impacts.

9. Opening the pores of the sweat:
Massaging with mustard oil can help open the pores of the sweat, and this feature is useful even during the summer, as the opening of the sweat pores causes sweat to leave the body, thus reducing the amount of waste and toxins in the body.

10. It is used to treat skin infections:
If your child is prone to skin infections that are bacteria or fungi in nature, you can apply mustard oil due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. You can reduce skin infections significantly with the application of mustard oil.

Mustard oil in cooking:

Apart from using mustard oil for topical application or massage, you can also use it in cooking and we will discuss some of the benefits now.
A good source of omega-3 fatty acids:
Babies and young children need a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids to develop their brains, and mustard oil is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, so it is very important to use it in cooking.

Mustard oil side effects:

1. It can cause irritation:
Mustard oil contains substances known as allyl thiocyanate. This is known as a biochemical compound that causes irritation and inflammation in the lungs and digestive system. This problem can occur when mustard oil is consumed in large quantities.

2. Skin damage:
Due to its nature, mustard oil can cause certain skin problems, as prolonged exposure to mustard oil increases water loss through the skin due to the opening of sweat pores, and this can lead to skin blisters.

3. It can cause allergic reactions:

This is due to the immune system’s response to the smell of mustard. General symptoms include redness, itching, hives, dry skin, cracked skin, and difficulty breathing. Mustard oil can cause allergy symptoms not only when Consume it but also when applying it to the skin in people who are allergic, and if you notice this rash or hives, you should consult your pediatrician immediately, and also look for the presence or absence of a family history of food allergy.

4. Should be avoided during pregnancy and breast-feeding:
Black mustard should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation, and it is believed that it can cause miscarriage, but there is not any sufficient evidence.
5. Presence of eric acid:
Mustard oil is known to contain euric acid, which is a typical fatty acid that is unlike other fatty acids, as it falls under the omega-9 fatty acid category and is known to be toxic in nature. Studies have shown that the highest amount of euric acid in mustard oil was around 40-47%.

It is known to cause many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, respiratory problems, diarrhea, anemia, cancer, etc. On

there is no standard indication that mustard oil contains a lot of euric acid.

  • Here the side effects or interactions depend on the amount of mustard oil consumed. If mustard oil is consumed in small quantities, it does not pose any problem. But when consumed in very large quantities, it can cause some problems.


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