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When does the baby start drinking water?

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A pregnant mother feels very happy when she gives birth to her baby and then begins a new stage and journey in life when she becomes a mother. Many mothers also rely on the opinions and experiences of previous mothers in how to deal with their child. Especially when it’s her first child.

Although many of these opinions and experiences may be true. However, some of the habits that some mothers refer to may be wrong and harmful to the health of the fetus. One of these habits is drinking water for a newborn baby.

Undoubtedly, a newborn baby, like any living creature, needs water for life. Water plays a very important role in human health, blood formation, and others. A person cannot live without water. A baby depends on breast milk and breastfeeding to get the amount of water he needs during the first six months of his life. And that is until the mother begins to introduce some solid foods to her child.

The most famous question in this matter is, can a newborn child drink water ? Of course he can’t, as he gets what he needs from the water, whether through breast milk if the child depends on breastfeeding, or even the water that is added to the formula milk that the infant eats at the beginning of his life. But after the child begins to drink water naturally and safely. The mother should know that water is very important to keep the child hydrated and to maintain his vital body functions.

When can a baby drink water?

We all know that this has to happen at some point in a child’s life. But when exactly can a child start drinking water?

Medical reports and opinions of health experts, pediatricians, indicate that the ideal time to safely give your baby water is when the mother begins introducing solid foods to her child’s diet. It is when the child is 6 months old. This, of course, does not mean that the child takes a lot of water. Just a few sips from a cup or bottle at a time.

Pediatricians confirm that the child’s drinking of water at this stage helps him get used to the taste of water. And help him discover that in this world there are many foods and drinks , not just milk.

How do you make your child drink water?

If this is your baby’s first time drinking water, as soon as your baby is 6 months old and you start introducing some solid foods to him like mashed apples , zucchini, etc. You can give your baby a little water, either through a feeding bottle. Or through a drinking cup and put a straw in it, or even a regular cup and let your child sip a little of it. However, a bottle is the ideal and easiest solution for a baby. He is already used to sucking and can then get some water to hydrate his body and help digest the food he eats.

How much water can a baby get?

Babies from 6 months to 9 months don’t really need a lot of water. You can even give them a few sips of water daily. This is until they get used to the taste of water and can drink it later. While when the baby is between 9 months and 12 months old, the baby should drink more water. For example, a quarter cup of water at a time may be fine. A year after the birth of the child, he can drink water completely freely as he needs or as the mother sees that her child needs water. But it is preferable to drink it between meals.

Can a child become dehydrated?

As long as the child is well fed and his weight is gaining naturally according to the child’s natural growth rate. Don’t worry, your baby won’t get dehydrated. But when your child suffers from some health problems such as colds , flu, diarrhea or vomiting. It can easily become dehydrated if it does not get enough water.

You can tell that your child is already dehydrated by the diaper. When you find the diaper dry for long periods of time or if your child feels lethargic or does not cry as much as usual, your child is dehydrated and needs a lot of fluids to compensate for what was lost, whether by feeding or drinking water. Some more serious cases may need to be admitted to the hospital to get some fluids intravenously to compensate and overcome dehydration.

When is the water harmful to the baby?

Although many mothers may worry that they are not giving their babies enough water, it is possible to give your baby too much water, for example when trying to dilute the formula too much. In fact, giving a child a lot of water, especially at a young age, may cause a condition known as infant water poisoning, and although it is a very rare condition, it may occur and cause low levels of sodium in the blood leading to serious problems such as damage Brain, seizures and convulsions, so it is best to adhere to the water standard written on the formula bottle.

If your child depends on formula , you can mix the milk with water, whether tap water or mineral water, just add the amount indicated on the package according to the amount of milk that you put in your child’s feeding bottle. No need to apply too much water or even reduce the amount too much.

Water is very important for your baby to help his body perform its various vital functions. And don’t worry, your baby gets the water he needs at the beginning of his life through breast milk or formula mixed with water.

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